Panzer Dragoon Series Getting Not One But Two Remakes

Fans of shm’up’s — at least the on-rails kind — are in for a treat as it’s been announced by Polish developer Forever Entertainment that both the original Panzer Dragoon as well as its follow-up, Panzer Dragoon II Zwei, will both be getting remakes, with the first remake planned for launch before the end of 2019. Both remakes will come in the form of a collaboration with Sega themselves whom originally developed (via internal studio, Team Andromeda) the cult series all the way back in 1995 as a launch title for the Sega Saturn — the sequel following a year later.

No trailer or even images to accompany today’s announcement were presented (on top of what platforms we can expect the games to release on), though Forever Entertainment do state additional information will be provided in the coming months, with the promise of “completely new graphics compatible with today’s standards” being a major part of both remakes. We’ll be sure to report on these two upcoming projects as we learn more.