Paper Mario Coming to N64 Expansion Pack on December 10

Paper Mario started out as a follow-up of sorts to Super Mario RPG and has been one of the most highly-regarded games in the N64’s library. This blend of platforming, turn-based timing-heavy battles and inventive worlds has held up remarkably well over 20 years later. It’s also a perfect game for on-the-go play with things like save states enabling a better experience for the player than on original hardware.

The core game is incredible and hopefully, Nintendo is releasing it on its own to help ensure that the emulation quality is up to snuff.  It’s been iffy in regards to both performance and input lag and with a game that uses pitch-perfect timing as a core gameplay mechanic, it needs to be near-perfect to result in a great experience. We’ll see how it turns out Paper Mario hits the N64/Genesis Expansion Pack tier of Nintendo Switch Online on December 10.