Paragon Mid-Year Update

For those that are unfamiliar with Paragon, it is a MOBA developed by Epic Games that runs on its own version of the Unreal Engine. It’s free-to-play and currently in beta. Today, the team announced its mid-year update and it will focus its attention to finishing the full game and releasing it in early 2018. As for the first part of 2017, Paragon now has 7.3 million registered users. With its plan to release a new character every three weeks, the team has released eight in 2017. To go along with this, the game has seen 24 updates including the introduction of banners and rewards.

The goal for Paragon moving forward will be the new card system that releases in August with update v.42. The system will receive a large overhaul that completely reworks the impact of the cards during gameplay. In a press release, the Paragon team stated, “The new card system is the foundation for the future of Paragon. It won’t be perfect right from the start, but it will be continuously refined.” There will also be a visual upgrade in v.42, which plans to widen the river for better battles. This will not be the final art for the game.

This latest update will be the defining direction for Paragon before it looks to exit beta. Balance updates that include increased speed and XP gains along with the option for a short 10-15 minute brawler match-up will all be coming. PvE is still on the radar for the team along with competitive play, voice chat, character voiceovers, new minions and jungles, and a whole lot more. Paragon is free to download now and look for the update in August.