Participate in 2019 International Challenge February Online Competition, Earn Free Shiny Pokémon

Competitive Pokémon trainers can keep their strategies sharp with the upcoming 2019 International Challenge February. Even though we are all excited for the upcoming Switch Pokémon game there is still plenty to do with the 3DS titles.

The competition will take place in Double Battle format. You can use any Pokémon from 1 to 807 with the exception of Mythical Pokémon and some others. Z-Crystals can be used but items such as Mega Stones, Ultranecrozium Z, the Blue Orb, the Red Orb are not permitted. Qualified participants will receive a Shiny Tapu Bulu for their games.

Sign-ups start on February 14 and the actual competition begins February 22. Only copies of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon can partake in the event. Visit the official website for more details!

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