Path of the Midnight Sun Sets Out for PC Today

Daimon Games’ classically-styled JRPG finally makes it to PCs today via Steam after almost four years in development. Taking cues from the likes of Fire Emblem, Path of the Midnight Sun tasks players with saving the continent of Arvium from an ancient demon king and those who would see the monster revived. In order to make sure this never comes to pass, players start as one of three different protagonists and must recruit more heroes to their cause.

Much like certain other RPGs, Path of the Midnight Sun is putting heavy emphasis on character relationships.  Getting to know each party member better will cause that character to perform better in battle, and developing a romance with one can make them quite powerful indeed. Outside of this, players will need to cook for their party, craft their equipment and see to it that they’re always in the best possible shape.

Additionally, everything seen in the game has been hand-drawn, and most characters in the game are fully voiced. Whether or not Path of the Midnight Sun stands up to Fire Emblem or Valkyria Chronicles will likely come down to personal taste, but it’s definitely looking like Daimon Games has put the effort to get it there.