PAX 13: Borderlands 2 Keeps Getting Crazier

One of the best games of 2012, Borderlands 2 has been keeping the content coming. New goodies are constantly being released, but this is some of the biggest news yet. Last year at PAX East, the character of Gaige was announced, this year another Vault Hunter has arrived. Krieg, a mayhem-inducing monster with a seemingly impenetrable sets of skills, will be an available character. He is a psycho experiment that has gotten loose and looks to be cracking some skulls with his newly found freedom. His Skill Trees reward players in a number of ways; with decreased action skill cooldowns when getting hurt, more damage grenade damage and the chance of becoming a walking fireball. It has not been revealed yet how to obtain Krieg, but if things are running similarly to Gaige’s release, there may be room for more downloadable content.