PAX Prime 2014: Mighty No. 9 Online Modes Announced

Today’s panel with Keiji Inafune from PAX had some incredible reveals for Mighty No. 9 fans. The game will now include an online race mode. Beyond that, you can play online with two players, including with co-op; there will be high scores as well. Everything brought up was conceptual, and while speedrunning was touched on, there is nothing formally in the game right now for that.

Online co-op is something that the Mega Man games have never had — heck, offline co-op has never been around either, so these things being included is quite exciting. High scores were something we haven’t  seen much in a Mega Man-style game — the original Mega Man had a score system, but later ones didn’t use it and points never really mattered much. This setup further separates Mighty No. 9 from the many Mega Man franchises out there, while still showing that the gameplay can be fun in the modern era.