PDP’s Victrix Launches Gambit Dual Core Tournament Controller, Wireless Gaming Headset

PDP is known for releasing high-quality wired controllers and they will be expanding their portfolio soon with a new Victrix Wireless Xbox controller and headset. The PDP line is used for mainstream stuff, and the Victrix line is used for eSports-grade equipment and that’s where the next products come into play. Victrix products have included fight sticks and the goal is to reduce latency whenever possible — which is one goal with the Victrix Gambit Xbox controller.

They tested a variety of controllers and saw that digital inputs could take as long as 7.4 ms and analog inputs could be as long as 19.8, resulting in a less-than-perfect experience. The goal of the Gambit pad is to provide the fastest inputs yet and they’ve seemingly done that with lab-tested speed that shows that it can be up to eight times faster than other pads on the market with digital presses at 2.1 ms and analog presses at 2.4 – a massive decrease and a game-change for shooters especially.

There’s a lot offered up with the Gambit controller — including swappable faceplates, swappable sticks with convex, concave and a sniper stick, swappable d-pads allow users to change up from a regular d-pad to an octagonal gate variant, a choice between two and four back paddles, and the ability to set five triggerstop positions via a pair of switches on the back of the pad that allow for fast changes. The front of the controller has grips etched into them and the triggers themselves also have a grip etched in to help during intense sessions.  Buyers of the controller will also be able to maximize their headset’s performance with a lifetime subscription to Dolby Atmos thanks to that feature being built-in and offering up spatial awareness.

On the headset side of things, Victrix is offering up the Gambit Performance Headset that works with both the PlayStation and Xbox line of consoles in wired forms and has varying versions for each platform wirelessly. The goal of the Victrix Gambit headset was to provide a mix of comfort, high-quality parts, and this headset is the first third-party headset to be officially-licensed for use on the PlayStation 5. The headset can be used in both wireless or wired modes and includes on-headset controls for power, volume and a mic monitoring system built-in to allow players to hear themselves in the headset. There’s a game chat dial for Xbox users and a tone lets the user know when they’re muted.

The headset has spatial audio to help players tell where rivals are at, and those wanting a more immersive experience will enjoy the beefy 50mm drivers to enable better audio. Large ear cushions were created to make sure that they can be used for a long period of time and not hit things like ear cartilage.  The Xbox consoles and PC use the Dolby Atmos format, while PlayStation 5 users can enjoy 3D audio as well. Both the Gambit Xbox/PC controller and wireless headset are available now via the Victrix store, with the controller at $99.99 and the headset at $129.99. We’ll be taking a look at the controller and headset soon to see how well they stack up.

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