Percival Cuts an Imposing Figure in His Granblue Fantasy: Versus Trailer

It looks like Granblue Fantasy: Versus is going to have a fairly well-rounded roster come launch day. Alongside the usual suspects are characters like Ferry, who fights indirectly and performs best at a distance. The exact opposite is present as well, most notably in the form of Percival. Opponents would do well to keep him at bay, because it’s all over once he gets in close.

It would be a foolish mistake to take “The Lord of Flames” lightly, as he’s exactly the type to shatter expectations. Among his kit are moves like the guard-breaking “X-Seele” and the move-altering “Traumerei.” He can even charge up his sword to dish-out massive damage to his opponents. Indeed, Percival is probably going to be a great pick for players who enjoy both the direct approach and keeping their enemies off-balance.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus launches in early 2020 for PlayStation 4.