Persona 4 Golden’s Hero Receives Nendoroid for Pre-Order

The Persona series has been a huge hit and a very popular one with us here at Hardcore Gamer. Last year saw the PC release of Persona 4 Golden which means its still rather fresh in the minds of fans. Now the announcement of the game’s main character receiving a Nendoroid comes with great timing.

Collectors can pre-order the hero to fit in with their Persona displays. He’s sporting his school uniform in detail complete with untucked shirt and collar pin. He comes with a smiling, serious and default face plate. Different hands, a pair of glasses and a hair piece are included. Katana, summoning and cut-in sheet props add a decorative touch.

Pre-orders are open from April 23 to June 3. However, it is not available to own until November. Take a closer look at the Nendoroid below.