Phantasy Star Generations 1 and 2 Coming to Japanese PSN on Wednesday

Earlier today, Sega announced that their Phantasy Star Generations titles will be hitting the PlayStation store on 8/20 for about $8 in Japan. PS Generations were originally released on the PS2 as remakes of the first and second installments of the famed Sega RPG franchise. While there were talks of bringing the games to the West at some point, those plans never materialized, yet again leaving Phantasy Star enthusiasts here in North America up a creek without a paddle. Upon accepting the fact that Sega seemingly hates us western PS fans, there is hope in all of this regardless.

A while back, the fine folks over at Phantasy Star Cave released full fan-translations of both Generations titles. So, if you’ve been wanting to get your hands on a copy of these remakes, which look absolutely beautiful by the way, perhaps all it will take is a Japanese PSN account and a quick pop off to PS Cave. For a look at the game, see the video below.