Phantasy Star Online 2 Open Beta Begins Mid-Day on March 17

After a fantastic closed beta last month that showcased just how much-improved the sequel’s combat was from the Dreamcast original’s, Phantasy Star Online 2 is one step closer to finally getting a full-on English release. The long-doomed game has been out for most of the past decade across Asia, but only recently made its way to English-speaking areas thanks to that closed beta. Now, the open beta will officially begin at 6PM EST on March 17. This allows even more people to partake in the adventure – and as our time with the game showed, it’s a must-play game for anyone who wants not only a great action game, but also a nice challenge. You can pre-download the game now and that data can also be carried over into the full game when that releases free-to-play on Xbox One this spring. A PC release via Steam is also forthcoming, and will be fantastic for those with not only game consoles, but gaming desktops and laptops to truly enjoy the game just about anywhere.

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