Phantom Gear Kickstarter is Live

Mega Cat Studios refuses to accept the death of the Sega Genesis and Nintendo Entertainment System, as they have launched new games for these consoles such as Coffee Crisis, Log Jammers, Little Medusa and Creepy Brawlers. Phantom Gear is their newest upcoming title for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Phantom Drive is an homage to classic and retro style games such as Shantae, Kirby, Megaman X, Castlevania, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Ristar, Gunstar Heroes and Monster World IV. The trailer shows off the game’s 16-bit charm. Phantom Gear’s look and sound remains true to the games of the early 90’s but technological advancements will push the experience to the limits of what Sega’s blast processing can do. Mega Cat Studios plans to release a physical edition of Phantom Gear for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and has a Kickstarter page up to help make this a reality and offer other perks for people who wish to contribute.