Philadelphia Fusion Knock Out New York Excelsior

The Philadelphia Fusion have beaten the New York Excelsior to move on to the Grand Finals.

The Fusion came into the Semifinals ready to prove 1) that they were the best team in the league and 2) that New York isn’t anything to be afraid of. New York has spent the entirety of the Overwatch League being the dominant team, but a major shift in the meta along with exceptional play by Fusion seems to have been their undoing.

After taking Wednesday 3-0 Fusion had a lot more work to do today if they wanted to bring it home. They got off to a great start, but New York wasn’t about to let their season end without a fight. It went to all five maps with New York making a huge hold where it all started Wednesday.

The NYXL held Fusion just before the final point on Dorado and much like last time they just couldn’t make it there themselves. With that, the Fusion will be moving on and going against the London Spitfire at the Barclays Center. Match starts Friday, July 27 at 6 p.m. CDT.