Pig Eat Ball Prepping a Console Release-Feast

It’s been almost a year since Pig Eat Ball’s Princess Bow underwent her quest to win her own hand in marriage, ballooning up and slimming down on a binge-and-purge diet of tennis balls.  Pig Eat Ball felt like one of those oddball Genesis games you’d find on a shelf at a sketchy video rental place back in the day, except worth playing for more than sheer morbid curiosity.  It’s a massive sprawling beast, over two hundred levels that explore every aspect of its potential gameplay in a bizarre world of carefree royal rulers made of cake, pillbugs run amok, giant crazed bosses, and a princess with some truly unhealthy dietary habits. Suck down tennis balls to grow larger, barf them out to slim down, avoid inhaling spikey balls while almost anything else is fair game, and solve an endless series of challenges that keep adding more mechanics to what had seemed to be a fairly straightforward skill set.  Barfing tennis balls, for example, acts as an attack, grossing out anything they hit, but the object of each level is to eat every single ball in it so you’ll need to re-inhale them again.  Retrieve too many green tennis balls before they revert to their natural sunshine-yellow color and the princess will (understandably) gag, spewing forth a reflexive ball-barrage that you’ll need to collect all over again.  Oddly, as gross as it sounds, it doesn’t take too long to get used to, and soon enough you’ll be chasing through each new encounter while replaying earlier levels for the best time.

Pig Eat Ball came out on PC last October and now it’s got a release date on consoles a year later, October 18.  Check out the PS4/Switch/Xbox One trailer below, although it’s worth noting that this trailer from a few months back may be helpful too.

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