Pikmin 1+2 Now Available on Switch eShop in Solo or Bundle Form

Pikmin 4 is coming on July 21, and with Pikmin 3 already being available, that left the first two games as the only two strategy-focused Pikmin games that couldn’t be played on the Switch. Today, Nintendo announced that both of the GameCube’s Pikmin adventures are available now on the Switch as both individual releases and as part of a bundle. Each individual game is $29.99 on its own, while buying the bundle saves you $10 total right away.

Given how each game blends into the other nicely, it makes a lot more sense to just get both since it is a pretty solid day-one savings overall. It looks like the games have full controller support, but touchscreen support isn’t listed and the same goes for gyro control via either the Joycons or a Pro controller since the Wii version’s pointer controls were a natural fit for the games too. At $50, getting both games is a fantastic value if you’ve never played the series before and have wanted to and it’s a nice way to hype up the fourth entry as well. It will also be released physically on September 22.

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