Piko Interactive Hits Kickstarter to Revive Stone Protectors With DVD Box Set and Genesis Game Release

Piko Interactive has become known for rescuing lost IP – like bringing 40 Winks to the N64 officially for the first time ever. Today, they announced that they’re going to try and bring Stone Protectors back from the dead with a Kickstarter on both a final release of the long-lost Genesis version of a 16-bit game and a box set that will finally allow the final five, previously-lost episodes released. There are a wide variety of tiers available, with $6 getting you the four issues of the ’90s comic in digital format, while $10 gets you a digital copy of the game.

For $15, you can get both the comics and the game, while $35 gets you a box set with all 13 episodes on DVD. Spending $40 nets you the DVD box set and the digital game, with the box set having exclusive Kickstarter backer artwork. For $55, you can get a physical game on the SNES and Genesis, with original consoles working fine and the game should work with some clone systems as well. There are some lofty goals as well, including financing a new season for the show or even doing a Tiger Electronics-style portable game for the series as well.