Pixeloids is a Shiny, Blocky, Twin-Stick Throwback

Retro isn’t exactly news nowadays, but it’s always nice to see something new show up that’s fast-paced with a sense of style.  Pixeloids landed on Greenlight today with a trailer showing off a lovely blocky look and plenty of shooting action, and while that’s hardly unique it looks like a nicely retro chunk of fast-action gaming.  Not every game has to be a unique snowflake, after all, and Pixeloids looks like it’s got enough style and shooting to be worth paying attention to.  Admitted, the ship is maybe too small and the screen-shake on taking a hit is a bit much, but the weapon selection has a lot of promise and it’s hard to go wrong with a game that lets you keep a combo counter alive.  Plus, according to developer Kelinty’s Twitter feed, this is a remake of a Little Big Planet level, which is pretty impressive.  If the trailer below makes you think this is a game worth a little support, head on over to the Greenlight page and give is a +1 vote.  There’s always room for a little more colorful, upbeat arcade shooting in the world.