PixlCross Bringing Nonogram Puzzles to Wii U and PC

Do you fancy yourself a Picross fan? If so, then you might be aware that these types of logic puzzles also go by the name of “nonograms.” Although Nintendo makes the most well known digital renditions, other developers are free to create their own.

That’s exactly what PixlBit are doing with their upcoming release of PixlCross. This puzzler will include 150 levels, four difficulty settings, built-in hints, a puzzle editor, and more. Players will be able to grab more levels by downloading the puzzles designed by others.

PixlCross is coming to Wii U and Windows, Mac, and Linux. On Wii U, you’ll have access to Off-TV Play, Miiverse integration, and of course a touch screen to solve puzzles on. Here’s a link to the Greenlight page if you’d like to play on Steam.