Platformless Platforming in Ynglet’s First Trailer

Jellyfish are utterly bizarre creatures, both beautiful and gross.  Their graceful, squishy movements highlight their translucent bodies, holding inside bits that serve no obvious purpose.  They float and pulse, tendrils dragging through the water, and the only reason they don’t look completely alien is because they’re so common in the ocean we somehow got used to them.  Ynglet is a game about a jellyfish-like creature living happily with its friends in a blob of fluid, hanging out and watching tv with whatever it is it has for eyes when all of a sudden a meteor splatters its home and sends everyone flying.  Now it needs to squidge (actual word, honest) its way through a 2D overhead-view world, dashing and bouncing from one watery zone to the next in search of its missing friends.  Ynglet is designed to be relaxing, though, with a soundtrack created by your actions in a world filled with critters tooling around taking care of their own business and plenty of toys and devices to get you from one place to the next.  Top it all of with a unique art style that looks like the entire game was drawn with a fine-tip felt marker and it’s a unique adventure even before taking into account it’s billed as a platformer without platforms.

Ynglet was initially created for a game jam but has since grown into a full release.  While it doesn’t have a date beyond coming out sometime it does have an announcement trailer, so give it a look for all your jellyfish-action needs.