PlatinumGames Working on Two Other Unannounced New IP’s

It’s safe to assume that PlatinumGames are by far one of the more busier studios at present with not one, not two, but three seperate projects already announced, to be in the works. However, on top of the announcement of a new collaboration with Square Enix via Babylon’s Fall (which hopefully we’ll get to hear more of at this year’s upcoming E3) not to mention the two Nintendo Switch exclusives in the form of Astral Chain and Bayonetta 3, PlatinumGames aren’t done yet it would seem. In an interview with Video Games Chronicle, PlatinumGames studio head Atsushi Inaba has stated that the developer is also working on two unannounced original IP’s. Projects which, Inaba states, the studio wholly owns the rights to.

“Without speaking directly to the number of titles we may or may not announce,” Inaba explains. “I can say it’s going to be a year of some major new approaches, new challenges and new methods for us. Basically, we’re building a new foundation that in later years will pay dividends. For us, new challenges are going to be very important.” While Inaba doesn’t rule out the possibility that the developer will continue to work with other publishers and/or already-existing IP’s, in a similar vain to the likes of NieR, Metal Gear Solid and Star Fox, Inaba states this is but part of the company’s evolution towards potential self-publishing and removing the company from the reliance of external publisher support/funding.

“There are still going to potentially be games in which we partner with publishers to do big things with big IPs.” Inaba continues. “There might be some co-publishing options where we’re doing some of it and they’re doing some of it to make a larger game, and there might be situations where we’re going to be self-publishing larger games as well.” Needless to say, fans of PlatinumGames — beyond even 2019 — may have plenty to look forward to over the next few years. PlatinumGames’ next upcoming title, Astral Chain, will release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on August 30.