Play Free Dungeons with Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Lite

As part of the recent overview trailer, it was revealed that in addition to demos on platforms players will be able to download a “Lite” version of Crystal Chronicles. This Lite version allows them to take on the first three dungeons in a seemingly unlimited amount of  times and still play online with others. That’s not all, however, as if any user who plays with the Lite version joins up with someone using a fully paid copy they are actually able to progress the story outside of their initial three base dungeons. This essentially means anyone with a Lite version of the game could play through the entire thing online with friends who have a purchased copy. The feature will really enable an extended demo or allow those who can’t afford the game at the moment still able to completely enjoy it with friends.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition launches on August 27 for PS4, Switch, iOS and Android with mobile dates subject to change.