Playdate Finally Opens for Pre-Orders on July 29

Last month we received a host of exciting updates about the Playdate handheld. It was at that time that Panic announced pre-orders would arrive in July. Well, July is almost about over now and the promised pre-orders are finally making their appearance!

Pre-orders officially open on July 29 at 10:00 AM PT (1:00 PM ET). Picking up a Playdate will set you back $179. Those who want the cover can pick it up in a bundle for $199, or separately at $29. One of the best bits of news is that the Playdate is not currently a limited release.

There are 20,000 units planned for the first batch. Get into that batch and you can expect your unit to arrive before the end of 2021. Later batches will start shipping in 2022. Production will be based on demand, so if demand remains high expect many more units to be produced. Other niche console manufacturers could learn a thing or two from Panic.

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