Playdead Teases Upcoming Open World Sci-Fi Game in Job Listings

Back in March, Epic Games announced a new publishing initiative to help produce the next titles from Remedy Entertainment, Playdead and genDesign, with a strong focus on putting the developer first in each of these agreements.

Since that time, we’ve heard little about the direction of any of these upcoming releases, but some recent job listings from Inside and Limbo developer Playdead have provided us with the first details of their third project. Unlike their previous games which were primarily linear in nature, their next game will be a “3rd person, open world, science fiction adventure built for multiple platforms on Unreal Engine” that will be “set in a remote corner of the universe.” Although there is little else to go on, the idea of a Playdead game with the expansive environments and freedom of choice that open world games typically focus on certainly has potential, especially after all of the fan and critical acclaim that their first two titles received.

Stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for more on the newest game from Playdead.