PlayStation 4 Pro Box Photos Leak Ahead of Release

Despite the fact that the fanfare surrounding the PS4 Pro has decreased ever since its official reveal in September, those who have the capable television hardware to support the formerly-titled Neo are certainly intrigued. Whether or not the PlayStation 4 Pro lives up to the backing that Sony has given it is anyone’s guess at this point, though considering it’s set to launch on November 10, we will find out quite shortly.

Being that the PS4 Pro is set to launch in roughly two weeks, it makes sense that packaged units would start floating around the Internet. Today, famous industry insider Shinobi602 posted a host of photos on NeoGAF of what appears to be the PS4 Pro box. Below is a gallery of the photos, and while they don’t necessarily show us anything we don’t know, it’s still interesting to see the long-awaited product in final form.