PlayStation 4 Will Have 8 Player Voice Chat

We already know that it’ll be possible to talk to friends on the go with the PlayStation 4 and Vita cross-chat. We already know that Microsoft declared that at least eight people will be able to discuss anything from wine to world economics — or you know, game stuff — during play on the Xbox One. We already know about the similarities between the two competing consoles, and we’ve probably already made our choice for launch day.

However, once thought-to-be exclusive features are becoming commonplace across the board, such as cloud computing, motion control, weird looking console cases, and so on. The similarities between the consoles continue to stack, while the only major difference remains the initial price-point.

Sid Shuman, social media manager at Sony stated that the PlayStation 4 will indeed be capable of eight-player chat, meaning that up to eight people can talk while playing the same or different games on both the PS4 or Vita. This could be great for Sony, edging on the competition a mere weeks before launch, but Microsoft has yet to confirm their final numbers and as odd as it may seem, some people have more than 8 friends. I know, crazy.

Of course, these features are meaningless to those who call a pillow they hide behind the desk by its first name, eat frozen-microwavable Salisbury Steak dinners for breakfast, and still argue about Pokemon card game strategies on dead forum boards. Thankfully, I only do three of those things.