PlayStation Event Revealed for New York in February, Announcements Inbound

An e-mail has just gone out to PlayStation MVPs with an invitation to a private event in New York City on Friday February 13 where a “new PlayStation initiative” will be announced.

The event will take place on Friday, February 13 from 3-6 PM local time at Gotham Hall in New York. Attendees must be over 18 to attend, with an open bar for those 21 and older. With an open bar, playable unreleased games and celebrities in attendance, the event in itself is reason enough to get excited for those lucky few invited, but the real interest here is the new PlayStation initiative.

What this initiative could be is unclear, but with rumors swirling about a PS4 slim and a PS Vita successor, this could be a big deal indeed.

[UPDATE 2/13] The event has today taken place and while a new initiative was announced, it wasn’t exactly exciting so much as it was admirable.

27 thoughts on “PlayStation Event Revealed for New York in February, Announcements Inbound

  1. Yay finally a event nearby that I can attend but unfortunately probably won’t due to money but it’s the thought that counts~

  2. Ideally they rebrand the PS Vita or release a smaller, more cost effective model. $129 or bust to save a nearly dead platform.

  3. “new PlayStation initiative” o_0 whaaaaaaa?
    This better not be social media related or something dumb.
    Can we get a Morpheus announcement maybe?
    Gotham Hall is a sweet venue so my expectations are high for a sweet announcement.

  4. Hmm lemmie guess, yet another subscription/fee based application (PS Now, Plex, Spotify) instead of just giving us what worked so well for free on PS3 (USB audio/video/picture support) with our newly “upgraded & improved” PS4 iteration…

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