PlayStation Plus Subscriptions Surpass 20 Million

Sony really likes to tout their numbers, and why shouldn’t they? They’re on top of the world with PlayStation 4 selling exponentially well, but it’s not just their hardware division that’s succeeding. Sony introduced PlayStation Plus six years ago today to high acclaim. It was originally released as a rewards service that would give players a set number of Sony-selected games for no additional costs.

It wasn’t until the PlayStation 4’s release that Sony attached multiplayer access behind the service, similar to Xbox Live Gold. Doing so, PlayStation Plus is booming as SCE and Executive Vice President Andrew House have announced through the company’s IR Day that the $50 annual subscription has reached 20.8 million users worldwide.

This is an incredible number of paid subscribers, but hopefully that will incentive the Japanese-based corporation to step up the games they handout each month as, while there have been a couple of hitters throughout the PlayStation 4’s three years on the market, it pales in comparison to the quality titles we have been receiving for its predecessor and handheld options.