PlayStation Portal Remote Player Revealed, New Pulse Audio Devices Coming

Today, Sony officially announced and named the PlayStation Portal remote player and it will launch by the end of the year. The retail price for the remote play device is slated at $199.99 and pre-orders will begin soon. The PlayStation Portal offers an 8-inch LCD screen that will run at 1080p resolution at 60 FPS. Smaller screens don’t require as many pixels due to the lesser area that needs to be covered, so 1080p for this will bring out excellent visuals. Players can expect the key features of the DualSense wireless controllers with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. It will also include a 3.5mm audio jack for wired audio.

One thing that has been mentioned with this is that PlayStation Plus Premium’s cloud streaming games will not be supported. This may be due to latency. This device is designed to mirror what the PlayStation 5 displays and over the same local network. The same goes for PlayStation VR2 titles or anything that requires a special controller. These will not work on the PlayStation Portal. Sony states this is geared towards households where they might need to share a television in the living room, or just simply play PS5 games somewhere else in the house. This is not considered to be a separate console.

Sony has also announced two new Pulse audio peripherals that both feature lossless, low latency audio using new PlayStation Link technology. PlayStation Link will allow both of these new devices to connect directly to the PlayStation Portal and via USB on the PlayStation 5. The technology will enable the ability to switch seamlessly between multiple devices. This USB adapter will come with either headsets, but can also be purchased as a standalone item and can be used on PC and Mac. With the PlayStation Link, players can have the headset linked to the PlayStation 5 and on a Bluetooth connection at the same time. This means phone calls can be answered simultaneously while playing a game on the earbuds.

Pulse Explore are the first wireless earbuds for PlayStation 5 that provide a premium and portable audio experience. These offer dual microphones and AI-enhanced noise rejection for reducing background noise. It will include a charging case and will be the first PlayStation audio devices to integrate custom-designed planar magnetic drivers that is accustomed for usage in premium headphones for professional sound engineers. Sony is one of the first companies to use this, and they are also found in the full headset that Sony announced, as well.

The Pulse Elite takes the original Pulse headset to a whole new level. Using the previously mentioned technology, the Pulse Elite is Sony’s new wireless headset that includes lossless audio and a retractable boom mic. The same tech is going into both audio devices and the Pulse Elite includes a charging hangar for convenience and storage. This will be a substantial upgrade in terms of audio tech as opposed to the launch Pulse Headset. The Pulse Explore will retail for $199.99 and the Pulse Elite will retail for $149.99. No release date has been announced. You can check out the trailer for the headsets below.

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