PlayStation Underground Returns as Biweekly Show

Weird. PlayStation Underground makes a comeback today in the form of a biweekly show, debuting appropriately with a new build of Harmonix’s upcoming return of niche rhythm game legend¬†Amplitude.

It’s your standard sort of Internet broadcast these days, just dudes sitting on a couch playing and talking over a game, but the benefit here is that it’s an official PlayStation channel, so it’s not hard to imagine that they’ll be getting some sweet exclusives in the coming months.¬†Sony says the show will evolve over time and wants to hear viewer feedback, and that’s they’re aiming to become a weekly show. Maybe they’ll even put PlayStation Underground in the What’s New section on PlayStation 4. We’ll see.

PlayStation Underground used to be Sony’s line of demo discs that happened to come with a magazine in the late ’90s. It’s cool to see it coming back in some form, but the lack of a demo disc is a shame. Oh well. Maybe Sony will revive Qore next, too.

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