PlayStation VR Sales are Approaching 1 Million Units

PlayStation VR is set to reach a sales milestone very soon.

Sony’s PlayStation VR is far more popular than many expected. Even Sony themselves are surprised at the rate consumers are picking up the headset. A hot item, PlayStation VR has been hard to find since its October launch. So hot that four months since the launch, PlayStation VR is set to exceed Sony’s internal goals.

Speaking with The New York Times, Sony Interactive Entertainment chief executive Andrew House revealed the PlayStation VR has sold 915,000 units as of February 19. According to House, Sony’s internal goal is to reach one million headsets after six months of being at market. With only 85,000 units to go, and two months to meet that goal, PlayStation VR looks set to shatter one million units earlier than expected.

PlayStation VR launched October 13, 2016 for $400 and directly competes against HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Though sales figures for both headsets are unknown, it is believed that they are much lower than Sony’s headsets due to higher prices (Oculus costs $600 and Vive costs $800), and the fact that you need very powerful PCs to run the headsets.

Mr. House commented that Sony is working to replenish supply of PlayStation VR headsets and that the situation will begin improving by April.