Pokémon 2018 International Challenge January Online Competition Sign-ups Soon

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon released only a couple of months ago. This means it’s been more than enough time for trainers to build up some competitive teams. The 2018 International Challenge January Online Competition will be taking place at the end of the month but sign-ups are opening soon.

Starting January 18 until January 25, you can register for a spot in this event. Battles will take place in Doubles format with four out of your six team members allowed to compete. Mythical Pokémon and some Legends are banned from entering. All other Pokémon may be used as long as there is a black clover symbol on their summary page. Players will earn 50 Battle Points at the end of the event should they qualify for the prize.

Actual battling for the competition begins January 26 and ends on January 28. Check out the official website for a full listing of rules and other information.