Pokémon Developer Hiring for a Console Game

The developer of the acclaimed Pokémon series, Game Freak, is hiring for a new project that their hiring ad (translated by Siliconera) calls a, “globally popular RPG” that will be available on console.

The ad goes on to say, “we’ll have you work on the production an RPG game that is popular on a global scale,” and that the project is something that, “just about anyone knows.”

Even the most modest reading of this listing suggests a Switch Pokémon game in the future from the developer which would be the first mainline Pokémon game on a home console if that were true. We said that Game Freak’s last Pokémon title Sun and Moon, “holds all the charm and fun from the original titles yet creates an entire new world to explore,” check out our review right here.

Be sure to check back for any further developments in this story.