Pokémon GO Offering Easier Access to Items for Limited Time

The last couple of weeks have been stressful on everyone. Now, with many places being shutdown and gamers having to stay indoors, Pokémon GO players are struggling. Today, it was announced that help is on the way for a limited time.

Starting now and ending on March 30, you will receive a little boost if you can’t make it to a PokéStop. An offer of 100 PokéBalls can be yours in exchange for just one coin. Hopefully you’ve earned some from gyms and can take advantage of this deal. Also, the deals will be rotating out and replaced with something new just to keep things fresh. An increase of experience and daily gifts has also been made.

This is great news for players who would have a hard time getting items without being near PokéStops or gyms. Read the full announcement on the official website.

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