Pokemon GO Teases Generation 4 Ahead of Two-Year Anniversary

Pokemon GO is barreling towards its two-year anniversary, and Niantic may be hinting at the inclusion of additional Pokemon.

When Pokemon GO launched back in 2016, it only included creatures from Generation 1. Since then, developer Niantic has added in Gen 2 and 3 Pokemon. With all Gen 1 and nearly all Gen 2 and 3 Pokemon in the game, it looks like Niantic is prepping Generation 4.

Taking to Twitter, Niantic posted a special anniversary picture that includes Pokemon from the three previous generations. However, look closely and you’ll spot three creatures that aren’t in the game:

The picture includes Generation 4 starters Piplup. Chimchar, and Turtwig, three Pokemon that aren’t yet in the game. It definitely seems that Niantic is prepping a huge update that will add Pokemon introduced in the Sinnoh games. Nothing has been announced, but it certainly looks to be the case. We’ll let you know should Niantic make the announcement.

Pokemon GO is available now as a free-to-play title on iOS and Android devices.