Pokémon Quest Figures Now Available

Pokémon Sword and Shield just released a month ago to some great reviews. And while it may be the number one title of the series at the moment, a different one is getting some new collectible toys long after its release.

Pokémon Quest came out over a year ago on the Switch as a voxel-designed change of pace to the Pokémon franchise. You explore a new area while taking down Pokémon opponents. Everything looks cute and plays similarly to Pokémon Rumble; here’s where you can read our review here! Now, from Wicked Cool Toys, comes a set of vinyl figures with some of the Pokémon in their Quest appearance. This pack comes with Pikachu, Snorlax, Marowak and Gengar.

You can find the product at GameStop but check it out in the image below! These would make for excellent stocking stuffers during the holiday season.