Pokémon Rumble Rush Announced for Smartphones

The Pokémon news continues for 2019 as Pokémon Rumble Rush has just been announced. This is the latest title from the Pokémon Rumble series and has actually been in the works for nearly two years. If you are familiar with the concept it will play just like previous entries!

You control a Pokémon wandering through various locations and battling wild Pokémon. Tap on the screen to easily attack enemies and perhaps they will join your team! Boss fights, power-ups, encounters with legends and more can be found. It will be the perfect way to spend your time wherever you go!

Pokémon Rumble Rush is currently available to download for free in Australia on Android and iOS devices. It will come to the rest of the world shortly. Read more about the adventure that awaits on the official Pokémon website.