Pokémon Sun and Moon News to Come October 14

Well, we got quite a doozy of news just today. Rumors were circulating as to the announcement of starter evolutions (finally) but nobody expected more mini-games or Mega evolutions to make an appearance. Either way, it was a helpful announcement and is sure to calm the nerves of many players anticipating which starter they will end up choosing.

However, soon we will be getting even more news on Pokémon Sun and Moon. According to the official Japanese website, an image shows October 14 at 10:00PM JST. It should be released around 10:00AM EST in North America but they might start early for some reason.

We don’t expect a huge helping of new content to be shown off. After the starter evolutions, there should be a bit of a gap before revealing even more new Pokémon. Hopefully they will be leaving a few surprises up their sleeves for when the games launch.

Check out the image found on the Japanese website below and stay tuned for more Pokémon Sun and Moon news in the near future.