Pokémon Sun and Moon Trading Cards Coming in February

Pokémon Sun and Moon was a big hit for the series and now there is even more to discover about the latest titles. Pokémon TCG: Sun and Moon introduces players to new creatures, strategies, and abilities. These cards offer a whole other level of power to control at your fingertips.

There are over 40 new Pokémon to collect along with updated versions of already familiar characters. Included with that bunch are Alolan forms which come equipped with a free attack which requires no Energy Card. Lunala and Solgaleo come as GX cards giving them super-powered moves and techniques. These and so many more will be revealed once decks and booster packs are available on February 3.

Check out two of the 140 cards below and look forward to more Pokémon coverage here. Read other information about Sun and Moon cards on the official Pokémon website.