Pokémon Sword and Shield Challenge Coming to Tetris 99

A week before the launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield, Tetris fans can enjoy a new Maximus Cup event. Tetris 99 is a Switch title known for mixing classic Tetris gameplay with battle royale style elimination. And there have been a lot of crossover promotions with other Nintendo brands with Luigi’s Mansion 3 being the latest and now Pokémon up next.

Players compete against 99 others to see who will emerge victorious. Earn event points based on your performances and with 100 points you can unlock new content. The Sword and Shield event features a new theme with background art, music and Tetrimino block designs.

It will be quite the challenge since Tetris players compete at a whole new level! This event starts November 7 and ends November 11. Pokémon Sword and Shield launch November 15.