Pokémon Sword and Shield News Announcement on October 16

Get ready Pokémaniacs, more news is on the way for Pokémon Sword and Shield. We have all been waiting patiently, even sitting through 24 hour livestreams. But, this could possibly be the last bit of news we receive before the game launches.

On Wednesday, October 16 we are getting more details on Sword and Shield. What those may be are currently unknown. There has been no clues toward the starter evolutions yet so that could be a possibility. Maybe we’ll get to finally learn about the plot for this generation or discover new locations in Galar. Either way, an announcement will be made at 6:00 AM PST which is 9:00 AM EST. It will likely come in video form, so stay tuned.

The games launch on November 15 so we only need to wait one month to finally get our hands on new Pokémon!