Pokémon Sword and Shield Receives New Trailer, Release Date

Being able to play the latest entry of the Pokémon series is just months away! Today, during the special Pokémon Direct we received a whole bunch of new information for the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield games. There are new Pokémon, characters, features and more to announce!

We have already known about the Galar region from the first reveal. In this location we will find a number of brand new Pokémon mixed with those found in previous generations. They can be seen wandering through fields and waterways as just part of nature. Plus, the Pokémon found can change depending on weather, so you never know what you’ll see!

Some large, industrial locations have been shown and you will be able to find Dynamax battles in some of them. These increase the size and strength of Pokémon as long as trainers have a Dynamax Band. The transformation can only be used once per battle and lasts three rounds. It will even allow for Pokémon to use special moves with beneficial effects. Max Raid Battles is another new feature. This is done by teaming up with other trainers to take down a massive Dynamax Pokémon. Strategies are a must but if you’ve played Pokémon GO it may feel a bit familiar.

There are some characters that were also introduced. Leon is the region’s Pokémon Champion and would be quite the challenge to take on. Hop is his younger brother who starts his journey at the same time as yours which means you’ll become quick rivals. Professor Magnolia is an acclaimed researcher who is studying the Dynamax phenomenon while her granddaughter Sonia works as her assistant and is always willing to offer some advice. Milo is a Grass-type gym leader seen in the livestream. It appears he will use Eldegoss and won’t hold back in battle!

In the overworld you’ll encounter Pokémon whether on land, water or inside caves. So, you’ll need the proper equipment to properly maneuver through the areas. A Rotom Phone is very handy as a Pokédex but can also enhance a bike to go faster or travel on water. Perhaps it can be used as a drone-like surveyor as seen in the livestream.

Finally, Pokémon Sword and Shield will release on November 15. In just five months we’ll get to experience a brand new Pokémon adventure on the Nintendo Switch for the first time! Watch the trailer below for a closer look at what’s to come!