Pokémon TCG Darkness Ablaze Expansion Now Available

Trainers can keep their card collections growing with the latest release of the Pokémon TCG expansion. Darkness Ablaze features some epic selections that surely push competitors to their limits. Also, some have neat designs appealing to casual collectors.

Darkness Ablaze sees seven new VMAX cards including Charizard VMAX and Eternatus VMAX ready to clash. Over a dozen Pokémon V and Trainer cards make their debut. Themed decks for Galarian Darmanitan and Sirfetch’d, an Elite Trainer Box featuring Eternatus and booster packs are available.

Check out more details on the official website and look for Darkness Ablaze products at retail and hobby store locations or online. You can also watch the first Pokémon podcast discussing some of the competitive sides of the series such as the Pokémon TCG.