Pokémon Unite Now Available on Switch via eShop

The Nintendo Switch has plenty of Pokémon experiences available, with more coming up thanks to remakes in the form of Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond but a new experience is available thanks to Pokémon Unite. This 5-on-5 team-based experience with melee combat – making it feel completely different to the usual turn-based action the series is known for. Players have a variety of attacks to choose from, with unlimited, but slow longer-range attacks alongside right bumper and trigger-based larger attacks with limited uses.

There’s also a bit of a sports element to things with a team score building up based on how many enemies are taken out and how many of their points you grab via energy balls that escape when they’re defeated – adding a nice sense of competition to things beyond just taking enemies out. Pokémon Unite is free-to-play and will have a mobile version on iOS and Android devices in September. It’s a fun little game and a good way to get back into the series if you’ve wanted something a bit different from the norm.


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