Pokémon X and Y Software Update Fixes Online Bugs

Over the past few days, if you’ve tried claiming your free Gengar or Diancie, you may have run into a snag. The game is requiring you to download the 1.3 update to continue.

Trying to get your Pokémon wasn’t the only run-in, though. The patch fixed a few online-related bugs, too. That includes the Player Search System, Wonder Trade, Game Sync, Global Trade Station and the Mystery Gift.

A couple of aesthetic fixes came along with it. Pokéballs come in a variety of colors and when a Pokémon emerges, they create different lights or shapes. They’ve also changed the Pokéball icon image on Friend Safaris with Vivillon. Because Pokéballs come in a variety of colors, its sprite remained blank but now it matches the Vivillon of your area. The update makes the world a little more vibrant.

It’s nice they’ve given us a new update; it’s been a few months since the last. Now, we’re wondering how new updates for X and Y will affect the use of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.