Pokémon X & Y Championships Continue with Spring Regionals

Starting April 5th, you Pokémaniacs can get a chance to strut your stuff. The Spring Regional Championships will be making its way through the United States. You can enter the competition in either the video game or card battles. Competitors must use their own copy of Pokémon X or Y and a 3DS/2DS for the video game event and a legal deck for the TCG event. Each player is vying for a spot at the US National Championships which takes place this July in Indianapolis, Indiana.

On April 5th and 6th there are four cities hosting the championships: Athens, Georgia, Overland Parks, Kansas, Seattle, Washington and Sturbridge, Massachusetts. A week after, there are two more cities hosting; Madison, Wisconsin and Salt Lake City, Utah. The event is open to the public where fans can partake in much more fun than battling.