Poly Bridge 2 Coming in May

Working in construction is quite a demanding and backbreaking, without proper experience it’ll definitely be a challenge. Luckily, building bridges is a little bit easier with Poly Bridge which is a construction-simulation puzzle game. The original released a few years back but a sequel has just been announced!

Poly Bridge 2 is set to release in May with new puzzles and mechanics. The goal is still trying to have your structure stand as long as possible while reaching the other side. See if your bridges can sustain a massive truck or keep a car in air with help of balloons. It looks like plenty of interesting ideas are being worked into the new title. Leaderboards and online sharing of levels are also included.

The plan is to release on PC first and move on to other platforms as soon as possible. You can visit the Steam page to see a little more information and add it to your wishlist now. Check out the announcement trailer below for a closer look and listen to some of its chillaxing soundtrack.