Polybius and Alvastia Chronicles on Friday from Limited Run Games

The thing about legends is that, given enough time and attention, they tend to become real in some way.  Not verbatim, of course, but people can’t resist poking at a good story.  Polybius was initially a rumored arcade game in the 80s developed and tested by (fill in shadowy agency here) that had worrying psychological effects on the player.  Years of rumors, in jokes, and occasional fan-made versions kept the name alive, until eventually Llamasoft’s Jeff Minter decided that it was his turn to take a crack at it.  The result was a feel-good shooter about barreling down a course at ever-more-ludicrous speeds, blasting through a bizarre collection of enemies that sound even more wonderfully strange than they look.  The result is a game that looks uncontrollably chaotic but feels strangely relaxing, where the player managed the frenzy by feel and somehow, when it all comes together, dances through the madness untouched.  Polybius released on PS4 back in May of 2017, best seen in VR but perfectly playable on a standard tv, and now it’s getting a physical release from Limited Run Games on Friday.  It comes in at 2,500 copies total, so Llamasoft fans will want to jump on it quick.

The second game being released this week is the Kemco RPG Alvastia Chronicles, a 16-bit-styled RPG where you can make a party of up to thirteen characters from a possible cast of over one hundred.  This one I have no experience with so can’t comment much on directly, but it should be nice for classic RPG fans.  Alvastia Chronicles has a tiny little print run of 1,800 copies.

In other LRG news, the Switch-exclusive Battle Princess Madelyn: Royal Edition, which is a very different game from the standard one, wraps up its pre-order period on Friday.  Stranger Things 3 on PS4 and Switch both keep running for a few weeks yet, not wrapping up their availability until November 6.  Finally, if you’re feeling particularly lucky, LRG is running a massive PS Vita giveaway on its Twitter account for a single incredibly fortunate winner, currently up to the system plus 28 games with more being added as the retweets accumulate.  The drawing is on November 30, so good luck.



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