Post-Launch Roadmap Unveiled For Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer was easily one of last year’s most acclaimed games, with Thunder Lotus’ magnificent management game about taking care of spirits and helping them advance to the other side winning over critics and audiences alike. It was almost such a perfect adventure, one wouldn’t expect any DLC or additional content would be needed to enhance it. But the Quebec-based team isn’t done with the game just yet, it seems, revealing a roadmap with three major updates set to drop throughout 2021.

As seen below, the updates are set for the Spring, Summer, and Fall of this year, and will include new spirits to befriend in every one of them, plus quality of life improvements and improved co-op play, new story content and events, new boat buildings, resources, recipes and more, and even a new island to explore. You can learn more details about these updates over at Thunder Lotus’ official site, and then begin the wait for when Spiritfarer’s new content arrives on all platforms later this year, free of charge.