Power Up Breakfast with Super Mario Cereal

What better way to start the day than with a bowl of cereal filled with powerups and blocks of gold coins, all made of marshmallow of course. Nintendo has announced their latest collaboration with Kellogg cereal to bring fans and breakfast lovers alike a brand new Mario twist on one of their favorite morning meals. The cereal contains a variety of different marshmallows including power mushrooms, 1-up mushrooms and the classic coin block in addition to a mix of berry flavors. Those who have Super Mario Odyssey will be able to take even more advantage of the cereal box itself, as each one comes complete with a functioning amiibo chip that can be used with the game in order to receive bonus coins or hearts for Mario’s journey.

The Super Mario Cereal is currently only planned to release in the United States for a limited time starting on December 11 at various retailers. Check out images of both the front and back of the cereal box below:

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